We are so proud of our work and get so excited when our couples love their films as much as we do.  It is so much fun to see what their friends and family say when they share their films online.  Here are some of our favorite comments over the years.


Katie & Jon

"Working with the team from One Fine Day Productions made my wedding planning experience very enjoyable!  They not only provided us with amazing memories that we have captured forever, but they also helped me envision the look I was trying to create and recommended vendors to fit our style and budget.

On the big day, the team was available when we needed them and behind the scenes when we didn't.  I was able to relax and not stress about seeing every little detail knowing that I would be able to take it all in at a later date.  Investing in a cinematographer is something I've recommended to all of my friends getting married as it's the one thing you can take with you for years to come.  The One Fine Day team makes your day look like a feature film!  I highly recommend!" 

Jenny & Ben

"To be completely honest, I did not think I needed a videographer at our wedding, UNTIL I came across One Fine Day Productions.  After watching only one of One Fine Day's videos online (which brought me to tears), I was hooked and realized I could not go without One Fine Day on our wedding day.  From the initial booking to receiving the final product, the One Fine Day team were a pleasure to work with.  I keep our wedding DVD loaded int he DVD player as I watch it on a regular basis.  We were also very pleased with our honeymoon film that the team had created for us from the hours of footage that we brought back from our honeymoon.  I cannot say enough about how thrilled we were with One Fine Day Productions and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a videographer."


Sarah's head shot.jpg

Sarah & Andrea, Cherry Blossom Events

"One Fine Day Productions is a highly notable and professional cinematography company that makes beautiful and meaningful stories told by video.  We use them frequently for weddings where they capture the ins and outs of the day, but more so the emotions and moments that will forever be kept special to the couple through the gift of film.  What we love about OFDP is its story telling capability and its ability to truly capture the raw and real emotion and meaning of a person or couple’s story.  What a true gift!  On a personal level we have used OFDP for many of our own moments in life and enjoy watching the videos every year – they are a treasured possession." 

Cherry Blossom Events

Ashley & Alex

"My husband and I got married in May of 2013 and hiring One Fine Day to capture our wedding day was the best decision I made in the entire planning process.  I have heard so many future brides say that they are foregoing a videographer to make a greater investment in photography, and while our wedding photos are absolutely beautiful, nothing takes us back to the moment when my mom put on my veil, the deep breaths we each took before I walked down the aisle, or the love I felt as my dad gave me away to my new husband, like our wedding video does.  Working with the team was so much more than just hiring another wedding vendor.  They brought a calmness to the planning process with their extensive wedding experience, and they became the ones I would call with a new idea for the decor, bridesmaid gifts, or whatever came to me that day!  They were always eager to share ideas, and when the time came to capture all those little details no one could have done it better than One Fine Day.  Sharing our wedding video with our friends and family that attended the wedding and those that were not able to make it has kept the excitement of the day fresh in our minds.  We will truly cherish it for years to come."


Lindsey & Adam

"Adam and I decided to have One Fine Day Productions shoot our wedding video, and it is the best decision that we made!  The highlight video captured the love and magic from our special day, that we were thrilled to give to our guests as a keepsake.  The video truly surpassed our expectations, and I am flooded with emotions every time I watch it, as it brings me right back to the most incredible day of our lives.  We recently celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, and it was a treat to watch the full length feature, as well as the highlight film.  It will be a tradition that we will watch our gorgeous footage on every anniversary. What an amazingly special piece of our wedding that we will treasure forever.  

Thank you for all of your beautiful attention to detail!  We would recommend One Fine Day Productions to everyone!"

Lexia, Lexia Frank Photography

"As a photographer, I have worked alongside One Fine Day Productions on numerous weddings.  I can say without reservation that they produce the most incredible films, they are the top of the line in their industry, and approach each and every wedding with professionalism and warmth.  As a photographer, it's always a grab bag of what kind of 'videographer' the client is going to hire, and who I'm subsequently going to be working alongside to capture the day.  Historically... it's difficult to find a photographer and videographer who work well together.  However, there is never any competition with One Fine Day, they work well with everyone, they are kind, they don't hesitate to do anything they need to do to get killer shots, and most of all they are fun to be around.  I've witnessed them climb ladders to get the shot, climb cliffs, hang out of windows, get down in difficult positions... all to make sure they deliver the best quality product they possibly can.  They put the client before themselves, work hard to get the job done, and you can see the talent and hardwork in the final products.  There is a reason I recommend them to my clients - it's because they are bar-none the best.

I tried to keep it professional and not gush over how much I really love you guys - but I hope it sort of comes through anyway!"

Lexia Frank Photography




Jonny & Michelle, Paper Antler

"If we're being perfectly honest, working with videographers can be challenging at times; they can be distracting or even rude, and from a photographer's perspective, they can get in the way.  One Fine Day on the other hand, is a pleasure to work alongside.

The team is not just professional, they are approachable, kind, and courteous to other vendors and most importantly, the couple.  Their workflow is unobtrusive and as a photographer, we feel like we are on the same team as them rather than opposing creative forces.

So from an experiential level, they are fantastic, not to mention the beautiful, artful way that they capture emotion and movement to tell the story of the day.  Their knowledge-base and experience is clear and comes through in their product and in their process.

Paper Antler hearts One Fine Day."

Paper Antler


David Caruso, Dynamic Events

"One Fine Day Productions is able to document the complete story of an event experience unlike anyone else.  The films that they create are rich in color, texture, drama, and emotion - captivating viewers from start to finish.  I rely on vendor partners who provide unique and creative components to events and One Fine Day consistently exceeds my expectations!"

Dynamic Events