Our Story

While we'd love to tell your story, here's a little bit about our story:

We are a close-knit crew of creative workaholics that love what we do.  As passionate filmmakers, we have a hard time putting the camera down.  We strive to be the best, constantly pushing ourselves.  Each film we create is a handcrafted piece of art, and if our signature is going on it, we want it to be a masterpiece.  Founded in 2002 by Amy Johnson,  One Fine Day Productions has been trusted to capture the weddings of hundreds of couples, from our friends next door to celebrity and elite clientele, we love people in love.

We are based out of Madison, Wisconsin but are available for travel worldwide.

Why commission a film about your wedding?

You will spend months planning for this one day - this one day will be the biggest, most important day in your life.  On this day, you will be surrounded by your closest family and friends.  You will never have this many loved ones in one location at the same time.  And they are all there to support you and your decision to marry the love of your life.  On this day, your creativity and personal style will be put on display through all the amazing details you have spend so much time planning.  On this day, so many little moments will happen in the blink of an eye - it is impossible to see them all and remember them as they years go by.  Your wedding day is the most amazing, whirlwind experience - when the cake is gone and your guests go home, you will most likely cry tears of happiness and wonder how can this day possible be over?  It goes by so quickly, too quickly.

And that is where we come in.  We will be there - through every moment, both big and small, to document these memories and create the ultimate keepsake for years to come.   Your wedding film will become one of your most treasured pieces of your family history.  While we are in love with wedding photography, having a wedding film will provide a different emotional experience.  Looking at a photo of your first dance and watching your first dance are two different things.  While looking at your photo album, you cannot hear your nervous laughter as you slip on the dress, your vows, or your father's heartfelt toast.  A wedding film will complete this documentation of this most perfect day.  

Your love story deserves to be told.  Let us tell your story on your one day - every detail of it.

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Corporate/Commercial Work

While we love weddings, we have also created a division of our company to produce films for other industries.  Captivate Film Co. was established in 2012 and immediately hit the ground running.  In just a few short years, CDC has already won 6 Emmy Awards for their work with the Milwaukee Brewers, Wisconsin Badgers, and Clean Wisconsin.  Our partial client list includes:  Milwaukee Brewers, Miller-Coors, The Big Ten Network, Fox Sports, The University of Wisconsin, The Pabst Mansion, Clean Wisconsin, and Hallman Lindsay Paints.  For more information, please visit captivatefilmco.com.