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Wedding Date
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Please send ASAP to: -list all event start and finish times -arrival/departure times to any locations -specific times for bride and groom prep (times for hair and make up appointments, time bride gets dressed, time groom gets dressed,etc.) -detailed list of reception events (grand march, cake cutting, toasts, first dance, etc.) Please be as detailed as possible - the more information you provide us with, the better we can plan for your day!
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Venue Name Street Address City, State, Zip
We are exchanging cards/ gifts during prep and would like to have the audio recorded for use in the films *
We record the audio of what you personally wrote to each other. We can use parts of this in the films to help tell your story and enhance them films. This is not required but encouraged!
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Christian, Jewish, casual, theatrics, special performances, unusual ceremony orders, butterfly release, etc
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Will the OFDP crew be seated for dinner in the reception space with all other guests? *
Having our meals served at the same time as the guests allows us to be the most efficient. We eat quickly so that we can get back to filming! If we are placed in a different room, please understand that we are not responsible if we miss something.
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Wedding Planner Phone
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Wedding Photographer Phone
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